3 Happy Scam Ventures

‘3 happy scam ventures’ is based on 3 script cycles. Concepts for low budget artist-run scam ventures: A PR campaign. A Wellness Resort. And a Musical Production Company.
It´s like an artist-run franchise setted in 3 different industries: the hype industry, the leisure indusry and the entertainment industry.

All these artist-run scam ventures are based on the idea that the constructed world is just a scenographic set of play-grounds and props and real-life is something made up by scriptwriters on drawing boards and produced in Disney studios.

The script cycle for ‘3 happy scam ventures’ comes in 3 different formats:
…a lecture performance in a Hertz rental station
…a playlist of 5 uploads on youtube
…and a book distributed as screensaver via wetransfer

The lecture performances took place in a rental car parked in the back of a Hertz rental station. These presentations were scheduled like meetings for only a handful of people. Only using words, an mp3 playlists and some google-image screenshots on my mobile phone.

This playlist of 5 uploads on youtube are the short versions of these lecture performances. Produced at home infront of my mac cam and uploaded on youtube. And all the material for this are words, an mp3 playlist and some google image screenshots on my mobile phone.

The book which remains only halfway done is distributed it in the most simple form of a screensaver of 886 slides. And it comes together with a manual with links to a 7-piece leather couch, an air humidifer and a mac screen that you can buy on amazon and install at home in order to enjoy the set up in it´s full scale.
The screensaver can be downloaded on via on my website for 2 weeks http://raoulzoellner.info/3-happy-scam-ventures.

video link: