Anywhere To Get Out

The situation transposes the happy/pleasure format of a the celebration/party in ritual potential act, Psychedelic indoor garden, a domestic playground.
Within the time and space frame of a ecstatic situation, several elements/accessories are designed to form an objects combination activated by the psychedelic resonance of the hallucinogen plants culture.
The presence of the psychoactive plants acts as a catalyst to activate the imaginary and surreal dimension of the elements/accessories. Somehow a «marvelous normal» like Henri Michaux describes it. The need of transcendence enables the projection to an alternate reality suggested by the playful objects and the hallucinogen chemical components, offering an escape from the existing environment without erasing it.
The display of the different elements and the plants’ culture function as a proposition to take a break
from reality. All the elements functions according to each other, they insinuate some situation scenarii,
voluntarily left multiple and obscure. The shapes of the objects and the material choices are crucial to
shift from the present situation to an experience of perception and sensations.