Bank Robbing Workshop

    Banmk Robbing Workshop
    29 september – 13 october 2011

    The second workshop is concerned with group and social concern. With the Bank Robbing workshop, the motive is to ‘immaterialise’ the design project to allow the design project to begin from real actions, and to materialise the art project as the creation of real situations, and secondly to raise todays major social question of how our economic and banking structure is working (or not).
    Once we have understood that the cracking of a safe could be considered as art and that the biggest
    bank robbers existing are the banks themselves, we see that in the negative space given between
    the bank robbery and the economic system, there are many possibilities to reconsider the system. Indeed the bank robbery could be seen as a short circuit that reveals openings rather than being seen as a remedy in itself (as in Robin Hood). The bank robbery also keeps us in moral dilemna.
    The workshop ‘Bank Robbing’ proposes, with some humour in the title but serious intention in the heart, the study and creation of alternative realities to the economic system that surrounds us as well as the possibility of beautifuly robbing a bank.