Battle of the Glands

    with Clemence Seilles and Maroussia Rebecq


    The workshop ‘Battle of the Glands’ is one week project that will finalize in the creation and performance of a cabaret of the absurd: the cabaret as the form and the absurd as the way.

    The ‘Battle of the Glands’, an image of giant body organs pulsating on stage, proposes the form of the cabaret which allows many mediums to be approached and pushes the concept of learn- ing by acting as an advancement of the bauhaus tenet of learning by doing.
    The absurd in this sense is seen as a free moving force and a method of abstraction to break free (i want to…) from moral and social pre- judgements, a muscle that should be regularly exercised, a phi- losophy born of existentialism, the clash between the human tendency to seek some inherent meaning in the universe and the human impossibility of finding it.

    Students will be asked to work together as a whole to create the infrastructure for the perfor- mance and in groups to create pieces for the cabaret. Projects can consider scriptng, design of space and props, acting, singing, dancing, playing music coming all together to create the poetry of the celebration of the absurd.