Dirty Fantasies

    with Jerszy Seymour and Erasmus Scherjon (support Laure Jaffuel)

    The Workshop Dirty Fantasies proposes the position of the Dirty Artist being concerned with the inhabitation of the planet ( and therefore with the inhabitation of the mind) and with the transformation of reality. Of course there is always a clash when this bubble of reality we inhabit is punctured by something harder than metaphor, when it steps on broken glass, bleeds on rocks and runs out of oxygen. Damn and they said in space nobody can hear you scream.

    The Workshop Dirty Fantasies is concerned with possible futures and speculative tomorrows (always in the face of our eventual death) based on available and accessible todays. If this workshop is interested more with the fun of Sci-Fi, of Airbrush Fantasy Art of the Masters, of Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone machine, of Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain, of the 1981 cult cartoon Heavy Metal and of Kenny’s trip in Mega Boobage, it is also concerned with the eventual landing on ground of the Communist Manifesto (or Marquis de Sade if you prefer), of Hakim Bey’s Temporary autonomous zone, of Situationist International throwing the brick, and of Wikileaks and Al Qeada’s Inspire magazine. It is kind of like sci fi fantasy as a possible coup attempt for, well, whatever you like.

    The Workshop Dirty Fantasies looks to build a singularity, a psychological make up as an abstract tool in which a whole world could be produced, a music, an economic system and a burial rite, a possible future, a here now but possibly upside down twisted like when quantum physics gives comedy a kiss.

    Dirty Fantasies
    a.k.a Takin a Ride

    1. Tectonic Wellness (5′)
    2. Crash Landing (6′)
    3. Tectonic Wellnes Riff (3′)
    4. Hot Tub Happiness (8′)
    5. Vers Ace’s Birthday (20′)
    6. Between Fist and Fuck (8′)
    7. A Methodology to Death (10′)
    8. Seeds of Life – Manna Shotgun (6′)
    9. Vers Ace’s Birthday – Yo Yo Yo Yo (10′)

    followed by:
    Vers Ace’s Birthday – The Constant Yo Show (dj set)