Earlwyn Covington

    Manufacturing Dissatisfaction
    A lecture through the idea of societal norms, the notion of collective contribution while exam- ining the sort of double blind that encompasses individual choice.

    American, Earlwyn Covington has studied in Yale (European disamericanization of Henry James, T.S Elliot, Erza Pond).

    Editor, writer and educator, he works for many galleries, cultural institutions and private foundations, and is an Associate Professor of Cultural Studies at ESAD of Reims as well as being a visiting lecturer of humanities at art schools in France and abroad, along with a yearly seminar at SciencesPo.

    In 2012, he co-founded a platform dedicated to a non-heirarchical view of food, www.thinkingfooddesign.com, which has over 10,000 visitors in 72 countries.