Francis Mary

    Editor and independent curator. From 1999 to 2003 editions smallnoise in collaboration with François Curlet, André Magnin and Caroline Vermeulen. From 2004 editions keymouse:
    Recent exhibition as curator:

    -Jef Geys: KOME (Artworks in several copies)
    –co-curator Sylvie Boulanger, CNEAI-Chatou (France), April 2012/January 2013.
    -Jef Geys: KOME (Artworks in several copies)
    – co-curator Virginia Devillez, Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, May / July 2012.
    -Florence Doléac: “ Just what is it That Makes today’s homes so different, so appealing”
    – aliceday gal- lery, Brussels, April / May 2012. -Jean Glibert: “PEINDRE?”
    – aliceday gallery, Brussels, May/June 2011.
    -Neal Beggs: “still not out of the woods” aliceday gallery, Brussels, Mars/April 2011.

    Opening « keymouse editions » window/vitrine since the 8 of November 2012. Permanent display of keymouse editions.