Speech and Scripting

    with Nadia Pantel and Christian Zoellner

    Speech can deliver information, can create a universe, and can fight for an argument – and if used lazily and carelessly it can bore your listeners’ brains out.

    This is a workshop about speech. Not about talking. It is about trying to actually say something. About daring to really spell out a thought: clear, coherent, and to the point. We will get there playfully, step by step. Taking a closer look at the words that we use and how and why we choose them.

    And even when we don’t express our thoughts and ideas in speech: we will look at scripting as a way of documenting and structuring our thoughts. Behind every performance there is a story or the negotiation of a story. There is a dramaturgical strategy. There is suspense or the lack of it. We choose a position as the narrator of our vision. We embrace the audience or we scare it away. You probably do all this intuitively, but now is the time to reflect on your own role as a narrator, as a presenter, as a speaker.

    It’s about trying to find a language that is coherent with your ways and visions of creation and expression.

    Two days where words, thoughts and the sound of your voice will be your only material.
    Two days that will also give practical tools to avoid mumbling, stuttering, and blabla-ing when it comes to your own lectures and presentations.

    Nadia Pantel studied Eastern European History and Literature in Freiburg, Cracow and Berlin.

    After stints at the national museum in Tbilissi/ Georgia and the Berlin-based radio station flux FM she currently works as a journalist for the Süddeutsche Zeitung in Munich and as a curator of dada-performance space “Hasenschule“ at the FUSION-Festival.

    In general she follows Rafael Horzon’s idea of “creating beauty that isn’t art“.