Plate Furniture

Each set is hand made from a single sheet of 18 millimeter AA birch plywood. Before the sheet is sawn into the individual components for the furniture, it is treated with a thick layer of colored epoxy resin, which, after cutting, results in a durable coating and unique print on every part.

The 3 millimeter resin coating also results in a significant increase of strength in the plywood, allowing for constructions and setups which cannot be made with untreated plywood. Sturdy long table tops, bench seating and backrests that do not bend, or long strokes in the frames of the furniture can be made without reinforcement.

With the minimal gesture of pouring different colors and by the specific way the resin mixes, elaborate patterns occur randomly in the coating. The back sides of the sheets are rolled with transparent epoxy that is sanded afterwards to create a visual and tangible difference between the front and the back side of each part.