Punctum Remotum, Punctum Proximum, Punctum

    Punctum Remotum, Punctum Proximum, Punctum

    In optic science, accommodation is defined by the distance between the nearest and farthest clear visual points.
    Moreover, when we look at an element from all around (either a landscape or an object watched with our eyes closed), there is often a visual spot that catches our eyes and creates a delicate ‘Hors Champs’.

    Barthes called this the punctum in his studies of photography.

    Now let’s try to transfer those words to the creative practice of each one of us, and share it.

    Punctum Remotum concerns a process of individual mind mapping, a potential to abstract one’s own practice, to gain new perspective, to deconstruct and reconstruct, and to explain and share one’s position with others.

    Workshop led by Stéphane Barbier Bouvet.