Salut! (Kueng Caputo Workshop)

The project consists in posting add on internet to propose to share a psychedelic experience with a
stranger. At the meeting point, all the ingredient are brought and the situation is settle in advance for
either a cinematic boat journey, or an artificial tropical contemplation. The unexpected encounter on
the influence of the psychedelic drug will be documented by a sound record.

“There will palm trees, concrete architecture, resonance. It will be warm. There will be water falls, giant structures and turquoise fountains. There will be bustle. Exoticism. Home grown hallucinogen mushroom lemon infusion.
I am an artist and I would like to propose a contemplative moment in an artificial paradise to provoke a meeting situation with a stranger. To be part of this, come meet me friday May 11th at 15h00, at the intersection of De Mirandalaan and Zuidelijke Wandelweg, Amsterdam.”

“One hour boat trip on amsterdam oost canals, I provide high quality dried mushrooms i am growing myself for a great industrial landscape cinematic experience. I am an artist and I would like to make unexpected encounter with stranger people within the context of a special situation I designed, here on a boat journey. If you would like to be part of this, please come to meet me wednesday may 9th at 16hOO outside the entrance of Harbor Lounge‎, Borneosteiger 1, 1019 KM Amsterdam.”