Festival of Independents Entrance

The Dirty Art Department invites you to ‘Festival of Independents Entrance’, during this years Kunstvlaai Festival of Independents event ‘INexactlyTHIS’ running from November 23rd to December 2nd.

As a backdoor entrance, the ‘Festival of Independents Entrance’ interjects the architectural and organizational structure of this exhibition event, making it present that while the artistic field finds itself alloyed with political and economical motives, the strength of the artistic gesture lies in using those as its primary materials. What an entrance is, has become a central question in the project, seeking both to understand what the idea of entrance conveys as general concept of access, virtually, and of entrance, physically – and what form, role and place it may take during an exhibition event that hosts independent art platforms. Targeting the question of authorship, around which the political structure of the exhibit revolves, the ‘Festival of Independents Entrance’, takes position between the signs and the signature. To do so, the project uses the existing elements of signage as a general background for its actions, as well as a seamless camouflage. Thus, Moving in and out of format the ‘Festival of Independents Entrance’ dissolves itself into the standing walls of this event, where the political may draw the line but the project passes through, like a passe-muraille.

You are welcome to visit the project and visit the event through our Festival of Independents Entrance.