Trash Bag

« The media invite us to «come celebrate the moments of your life» with the spurious unification of commodity and spectacle, the famous non-event of pure representation. In response to this obscenity we have, on the one hand, the spectrum of refusal (chronicled by the Situationists, John Zerzan, Bob Black et al.)–and on the other hand, the emergence of a festal culture removed and even hidden from the would-be managers of our leisure.
«Fight for the right to party» is in fact not a parody of the radical struggle but a new manifestation of it, appropriate to an age which offers
TVs and telephones as ways to «reach out and touch» other human beings, ways to ‘Be There!’.»
Hakim Bey, The Temporary Autonomous Zone, 1991

This project propose a Temporary Autonomous Space, as the anarchist american writer Hakim Bey
describes, a space where the inside challenge the outside. Small autonomous blow up architecture, the
installation stands up only thanks to air, ephemeral, it will last the time of «the party» like a «disposable»
space : a trash bag. The domestic materials : cheap polyethylene, tape, domestic fan, youtube video, etc,
underline the raw esthetic which become an overwhelming environment.
A framed moment, the party, playing with the existing tacit codes of the «outside» and the implicit news
ones proposed by the «inside», this temporary autonomous space is a territory in between space, in
between time. An alter-reality, or the space and the moment of the night, spring up situation.