Anne Holtrop


    “I am interested in a possible architecture. In my work I start with form or material that often comes from outside of it. In the conviction that things can always be re-examined and reinterpreted, they can also be seen as architecture. The way someone can see a butterfly or a lake in the ink blots of a Rorschach test. I want to look freely – more or less without a plan – at material gestures and found forms and let them perform as architecture. In this way, architecture emerges by imagining a next step to the previous steps that have been taken. I want the work to remain interpretable exactly the way it originated.”
    A Possible Architecture (models, temporary spaces and buildings)

    Anne Holtrop (born 1977, The Netherlands) is an independent architect based in Amsterdam. His work ranges from models to temporary spaces and buildings, on which he occasionally collaborates with the artists Krijn de Koning and Bas Princen. He is course director of the master Studio for Immediate Spaces at the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam, and was editor of OASE, an architectural journal for architecture from 2005 till 2013. For his practice he has has been awarded several grants from the Fonds BKVB, as well as receiving the Charlotte Köhler Prize  for Architecture from the Prince Bernhard Cultural Foundation.