A Perfect Impossibilty

The current system of art doesn’t work for everyone.

There is a general consensus that the one-to-many hierarchal model isn’t the most ideal structure.

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Art no longer depends on authorship, context or property. In fact in a rhizomatic system, such as image sharing online, the loss of these qualities creates value of the work and is a privilege for the artist.

This new model of value of an artwork, compared to the ‘financial based understanding’ of art institutions today, proposes the idea of ‘Free Art’. With ‘Free Art’ the capitalist byproduct is lost and a communal appreciation is adorned.

It’s this new model that I aspire to with the idea of ‘Living Design’.

Living Design is the concept of design as a dynamic platform rather than a linear form of communication. In this format the designer would be able to implement variables in the design that would ‘feed’ the medium and allow it to fluctuate and grow as it’s own living entity.

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The variables of this growth could be social, economical, political.. whatever the designer would feel most appropriate for creative growth. In a dynamic environment the platforms with the least creative growth will be lost to their flourishing predecessors.

As a basic example your words and interactions on certain networks could be implemented into a dynamic poster as literal text, aesthetics or the location in which it’s displayed.

As a more utopian view your heartbeat or emotions could change the aesthetics of a painting as your enter a space, allowing for a hub of shared self reflection.

The possibilities are limitless and are an important area to explore. When considering this new media format the role of the Graphic Designer has potential to be something quite revolutionary.

In this depiction I’m painting, the idyllic body of Living Design goes hand in hand with the growing structure of Free Art.

It diminishes the capitalist infrastructure and hierarchal framework of art

and instead yearns for Universal Communal Creativity.