Noam Toran


    Born 1975 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Lives and works in London. Teaches at the Royal College of Art, London and HEAD, Geneva.

    Noam Toran’s work involves the creation of intricate narratives developed as a means to reflect upon the interrelations of history, cinema, literature, design and memory. The works are most often exhibited as sculptures, films and installations.

    The works examine how fictions influence the collective consciousness, be it as collective myth or memory forming. This is realised through an original way of deconstructing and reconfiguring cinematic and literary codes, conventions and structures, and weaving them with historical materials, thereby complicating the relation between artifact and artifice. The works often exist in archival or schematic forms developed through a unifying thematic narrative. What results are installations comprised of objects, films and texts which provide the viewer with a space for speculation and interpretation.

    The work is exhibited, screened and published internationally, and is part of the NY MoMA, FRAC Ile-de-France, Israel Museum and CNAP collections.