Non-Stop Plaza

    6.10.2014 – 19.10.2014

    Non  Stop Plaza with Parking Club (Laure Jaffuel and Elise van Mourik)
    It’s not only our spaces that are designed, and our objects, but essentially it’s our time. We are far away from a society of necessity and well into one of desire.
    24h parties, non-stop restaurants, stand-by, red-bull & espresso, burn-out, snooze. The notion of work as well as the limits between reality and fiction are expanding into an endless blur the more it becomes a total – full-time – condition. Reality is a question of when does it start, and when does it end.
    The goal of the workshop is to delve into the notion of time as the principle material of reality. We will question the idea’s of productivity, of fiction, event, transcendence.
    We can venture into the blurring between work and life, or the radicality of doing nothing, we can ‘fight for the right to party’ and after-party forever too, we can lay our heads on the world’s largest softest bed, we can celebrate boredom, we can ‘tune-in, turn on, drop out’, we can produce an endless sunset, or never finish what we start. Whatever it is, there are 24 hours of reality.
    The show at De Fabriek will take the shape of a 24 hour event as a project, which is accessible to the audience night and day.
    For now, we call it NON STOP PLAZA. What will happen there is up to you.
    In the week before the show we will spend 10 days working and living together at de Fabriek. Spending all of our time there is an important part of the workshop: we’ll occupy the place, sleep, work, drink, eat etc., mixing life and the project. It will be the opportunity to produce the 24h project as radical as possible.