Parking Club


    Parking Club
    Parking Club is the design initiative under which Laure Jaffuel and Elise van Mourik sign their collaborative practice. Working between object, space and situation, Parking Club produces scenographies, inviting other designers, artists, musicians, photographers or filmmakers to produce works.

    Elise van Mourik (1988) is a Dutch artist, currently working out of Brussels. Involving different practices such as design, sculpture, curatorial and writing, her works are strongly informed by the possible relationships between several fields and rely on the active questioning of methods and economies. Also maintaining a discursive practice as a design critic, her works can be found in magazines, galleries, bars, street or wherever the opportunity for active objects exists.

    Laure Jaffuel (1987) is a french designer living and working in Amsterdam and Paris. Interested in the context where her work finds itself, she emphasizes on the design and the construction of situations surrounding her objects. She produces spaces, events, situations, sound pieces, objects, parties, scenographies, where diverse disciples merge to celebrate the productive energy of the group, engaging a dialogue with others. She is also the co-founder of the on-going sound project Take Me On Podcast Series.
    As Parking Club, their work has been shown at NASA (Amsterdam), Club Wanderlust (Paris), Gallery Ofr (Paris), The New Institute (Rotterdam), on Rietveld Academy parking lot(Amsterdam), among other.