Pump Up The Volume

    3 – 7.11.2014

    Pump Up The Volume
    workshop with Michael Beutler
    Using easily found and available materials, the workshop ‘Pump Up the Volume’, coinciding with the practice of Michael Beutler, is concerned with production and consumption systems and the poetic of where we can get with them. In the case of the Dirty Art Department, Michael Beutler offers us his thrust to get to destinations of our choice, the continued deep space exploration of the psyche-sphere and the creation of autonomous contexts, landing on the moon perhaps, or squatting an island in the greek island archipeligo……
    In Michael’s words –
    ‘ No pumping up without compression: the workshop Pump up the volume will investigate the basic technique of brick-making in its simplest sense. Which would be the brick to fit the social and individual aspirations of the dirty art department the best? How will that brick be made and what will it be made of?  The aim is to come up with an ad-hoc assembly-line that produces lasting objects of a certain hands on quality and character.
    Pumping will kick off as soon as the production flows…. Brick-laying (or brick throwing?) is the next step!’