Framing with Rotor


    Founded in 2005 Rotor is a collective of people with a common interest in the material flows in industry and construction. On a practical level, Rotor handles the conception and realization of design and architectural projects. On a theoretical level, Rotor develops critical positions on design, material resources, and waste through research, exhibitions, writings and conferences.

    During a five-day workshop Rotor proposes to investigate and experiment with the usage of so-called ‘secondary’ props; elements used in exhibition design to direct the visitor’s gaze. While these elements are by definition not the main subject, they play a crucial role in setting up thematical hierarchies, and in the distribution of the visitor’s precious attention span. The secondary props direct the understanding of what is on display. Typical such devises include frames, pedestals, captions, wall texts, backdrops, leaflets etc.  During the workshop, each student will choose one delimitated area (a supermarket, a barber, a station, …) and transform it in into a performative space (‘an exhibition’) solely by the addition of such secondary props.