Tim Ivison and The Academy of Resistance


    Tim Ivison
    The Academy of Resistance: A Short History of Autonomy, Invisibility, and Explosion

    The immediate and ongoing neoliberalisation of the university, has consequences for the both the organisation and the content of higher education. The crisis forces us to confront both our position within and against the institution and our composition as political subjects, colleagues, students and teachers. In the midst of this crisis, we must look to past and to the future for forms of resistance, positions of leverage, and discourses of self-organisation and solidarity. This talk will weave the current resistance to the austerity crisis in higher education into a longer history of radical organising and experiments in education. It will draw on recent research into the UK counterculture and self-organised experiments by artists and activists in the post-war period. The strategy of the talk is to link together an ensemble of spatial positions and compositions in relation to the mainstream institutions of culture as a kind of toolbox of organisational forms, rather than a hierarchy of privileged positions.


    – Working as a Mellon Researcher at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal
    – Writing up a PhD thesis entitled ‘Developmentality: Biopower, Planning, and the Living City’ at the London Consortium, UK
    – Writing and lecturing on self-organised education, critical art practices, and urbanism.
    – Writing chapter for ‘Radical pedagogies & the British Tradition’, RIBA Publications, 2015
    – Organising seminars and discussions with Art/Work Association, London
    – Working on collaborative research-based art practice with Julia Tcharfas

    – Co-Editor, with Tom Vandeputte, ‘Contestations: Learning from Critical Experiments in Education’, published by Bedford Press, London 2013
    – Visiting lecturer at University College London, Architectural Association, Kingston University, EBABX, Bauhaus Universitat Weimar, HGB Leipzig
    – Articles in Metropolis M, Abitare, New Geographies, Critical Quarterly
    – Exhibitions, talks, and performances at Hilary Crisp, ICA, Chisenhale, Auto Italia South East, Can Felipe, [space], MK Gallery, Artissima