‘Wind’ is a multichannel sound installation. Using architecture to investigate the phenomenon of sound reverberation, the work plays with sound in space to offer a semi-live composition of wind movements and reflections.


Starting from the idea to use architecture as experimental instrument to explore acoustic phenomena, the project is a site-specific work that exploits the architectural qualities of a silo to produce semi-live compositions in space.

As the structure of the cylindrical silo offers the optimal conditions for the exploration and production of acoustic reverberations, the project is based and constructed on this particular phenomenon.

Defined as the persistence of sound in space, a reverberation is created when a produced sound causes a large number of echoes. Using the sounds of wind as source materials for the production of these echoes, the audio-work integrates both, the sourced-sounds and the echoes, as compositional elements.

By blurring the boundaries between natural and artificial, the project questions the role of perception and its structural process in the constitution of meanings.