Communicate ? Communicate ? Only vessels communicate.

Project in collaboration together (as duo Majikanar), Arthur Tramier and Victorien Soufflet.

Chicken or the egg, which one came first?

Does the container give birth to the content?

Can water give shape to a vase?

If you put water into a vase it becomes the vase .
Water is in-formed by the vase.

“Did Charles de Gaulle buy a particularly beautiful pot and then try to pour France carefully into it? Or did he shape a pot himself and then hold it under the French fountain so as to catch France?”

Shape of Things: A Philosophy of Design, Vilem Flusser, Reaktion Books, Limited, 1999, p. 100

What if the vase becomes water? Imagine a vase not designed to be filled but filled to be designed.
A hen is only an egg’s way of making another egg.

Content is only a container’s way of making containers.

Water, flowers, wine and so on, would be only a vase’s way of making vases.
This vase-to-be would cope with the fear of emptiness, non stop crying “I need content!” Fill the vase, please. Keys, coins, flower, water or remote control, it is up to you.