Objects of self forgetfulness made by themselves.

The installation presented consists of five main figurative sculptural objects, each of them created in the attempt of portraying different fields of interests of the same portraitist: DANCE, SCULPTURE, DESIGN.

The work approaches the notion of Skill not as a acquired knowledge in order to achieve a result, but rather in a Deleuzian way, meaning a way to capture imagination. As I’m in fact not a trained sculptor, my activity of moulding clay responds to an immediate feedback mechanism with the matter itself, which is very similar to the way the body reacts to music while dancing.

Finally the reflection brings focus to the artist himself, considered as an alive sculpture, which shifts all the time its creative identity, attempting the embodiment of a contemporary gesamkunstwerk. The result of this enquiry is an installation, in which the artist displays it’s creative activity.

But if the performance of this practice is an obvious expression on aliveness, the visual result of it surprisingly creates imagery of eternal rest.