Amsterdam, 2015


Walking around looking like a young Rothko
Picture perfect picture call it Brigitte Bardot
Fashion and trends oh how I love this season
No clear view call it phantom over reason
Taking selfies with Rembrandt and Van Gogh
And no I don’t want to go to your L’oreal show
Your Mondriaan reference is weak and pathetic
Succes forget it you’re like a clone of Bob Saget
But curate me baby oh curate me
Put me in your galery and let the people see
Cause I’m young and I’m fresh and I’m in need of a show
Is this the way it works shit I don’t know
I’m using styrofoam and everyday materials
See my squiggly lines they’ll make you delirious
No serious I’m aware of all art traditions
To live like Jeff Koons is the main man mision
Ah fuck it damn we’re living a lie
We’ve got to act spider eventhough we’re a fly
So 17,50 you a friend or faux
Let’s join forces and let the people know

(Chorus1. 2X)

Silky soft
White gloves
Picasso’s doves
You know what’s up
Absinth yo let’s get fucked up
D.I.Y. guerilla club

Where do we go if we want to meet the real
Is it all just advertising now is that the deal
You want fame and glory, money and power
You want labor workers and pay them by the hour
You’re a peacock man, idle as can be
Can anyone take you seriously
But hey you got a show
A white cube boy, fucking them hoes
Feels nice huh getting backed up by a curator
Please take 80% NP cause I’m a waiter
But later I’m gonna turn it all around
Sell my bed to Saachi and sleep on the ground


I ain’t hanging no more shit on the freshly painted walls
I’ll explode in the place till all the paintings fall
K’tjing k’tjing cash cash cash
Kablow! The white cube’s a mess