The Artist As A Warrior

“How to make a specific -spiritual and physical- environment to receive Ulay and to live an immersive experience with him? Let’s define together what ‘performance’ and ‘curate’ mean and then ACT TO CURATE or CURATE TO ACT”

The Dirty Art Department offers itself as an open space for all possible thought, creation,
and action. It is concerned with individuality, collectivity, and our navigation of the complex
relationship between the built world and the natural world, and other people and ourselves. Doctor of psychology, cabinet maker, personal shopper, gangsta and some other free
electrons took part of this project.

In pursuit of alternative states of mind and group building they engaged in a training,
an amateuristic approach between wikipedia research and licensed coaching. Exercising
transstorytelling as well as collective silence, fiction and reality aligned. Dirty Art Department is made of art lover and performance amateur, they usually claim “L’art c’est la vie”.

Gathered in Rongwrong’s basement, breathing the same air, they sent their spirits on a journey from the excavation on a quest for a spicy highness with Pauline Curnier-Jardin – the artist as
an animist caretaker. From individual perception they built a common myth that established
a 11-headed beast.

With Janneke Raaphorst – the artist as a warrior – they developped their body animality trough Kalaripayattu, a south Indian Martial Art, where hurting and healing share the same status. Some of them still bear the stigma.

Their minds somewhere in a gallery vault, their bodies barely prepared, they walked dumbly to Marken.
Ready to meet Ulay.
Is that performance?