The Weakest Link

Jan 2015

Tripod, webcam, iPhone, iPad, synthesizer, glass.

A mineralization has happened, a new concretion emerged from the liquid modernity : podium. This social totem seems to be more durable than the information in your gamete. And thanks to it, you may find eternal love, at least for one second. But then, you’ll have to follow the script. Somebody else staged the performance and put the lines in your mouth. If you switch off from the text, you will inescapably be liquidated.

“According to the common saying, revenge is a dish best served ‘cold’.

Know that I will love you forever.

An annual event takes place one time a year.

Would you be my eternal lover?

In art, the Mona Lisa was part of Francois I’s original Louvre collection.

Let’s fall in love, always.”