Soft Landings Charity Gala! @ De Appel

    You are cordially invited and most welcome to join
    The Soft Landings Charity Gala at de Appel arts centre
    December 20, 2016.
    Sales Start: 11.00
    Charity Event Start: 19.00
    End: 23.59
    Entrance: €0
    Bring: CashBe the most welcome guest to our the Landings Charity Gala! A night full of brimming performances and the perfect occasion to get your last minute Christmas presents.

    This fundraising gala is to kick-start the funding of our collective ambition to build a building on the hanging man island of Amsterdam: the NDSM. As a headquarters for our new art foundation, and an autonomous appendix to the Dirty Art Department of the Sandberg Institute. In here alumni and students will work and exhibit for the coming three years. By April 2017 this building should be functioning as a space for creation, forecasting and sensing the cultural climate on the island (and abroad).

    During the night of the Soft Landing Charity Gala we’ll dip into an economy build upon the speculation on unfortunate events, with numerous editions made by students available for Soft Prices.

    De Appel Arts Centre is so kind to host the Dirty Art Department on one of the last days in their current building. Keep an eye on this event for further announcements of the programme. We’d love to see you on the 20th of December and be so kind to bring cash.

    With Love,

    The Dirty Art Department (and some of their close friends)
    Antonin Giroud-Delorme, Kolbrún Þóra Löve, Eurico Sá Fernandes, Quentin Dupuy, Lotte Hardeman, Gamze Baray, Andy Vidal, Yiannis Mouravas, Cyril Menouillard, Kitty Maria, Daniel Dewar, Andrea Lopez Bernal, Aurélien Lepetit, Greg Ponchak, Nagare Willemsen, Nathalie Houtermans, Tom Kemp, Angi Rrem, Jerszy Seymour, Alberto Valz Gris, Carole Cicciu, Nicola Baratto, Petros Orfanos, Benni Bosetto, Thijs van de Loo, Valentin Noiret, Catherine Somzé, Constance Hinfray, Anna Laederach, Rachel-Rose O’leary, Florence Parot, Giovanni Bozzoli, Mariana Lobão, Alban Karsten

    Banner by Kolbrún Þóra Löve