Daily Solo Show

April 1st – April 17th, M^C^O Milan

Introducing all participating artists of the Wandering School with a solo show lasting the
duration of one day: from the 1st till the 17th of April, Kitty Maria and Alban Karsten engaged
in an on-going marathon of daily build-ups and nightly openings with an opening talk in their
Canopy Gallery in M^C^O. Turning the art of exhibition making into a day-to-day labor as a
protocol against lethargy and an attempt to investigate and defy the process of exhaustion.

Program of Daily Solo Shows, with nightly openings at 22.00:

#1 Anna Reutinger – Real Talk
#2 Aurélien Lepetit – I Hate Your Body
#3 Team Yellow – Hello Milano
(Team Yellow is Erasmus Scherjon, Laure Jaffuel, Leïla Arenou, Maarten Nico Hoogendijk,
Kitty Maria and Alban Karsten)
#4 Rachel-Rose O’leary – Deam Transcript: Flesh Eating Computer Virus
#5 Elise Ehry – Bed Piece
#6 Aaron McLaughlin – iPhone Curatorial 2016
#7 Fire – Cuore di Fuoco
(Fire is Alban Karsten and Eurico Sá Fernandes)
#8 Nicola Baratto, Valentin Noiret, Alberto Valz Gris – Hunter Gatherers Escapism (w/ Stefano
Testa & Francesco Gagliardi)
#9 Yiannis Mouravas – Helping Hands
#10 Clément Carat – Track Bike
#11 Eurico Sá Fernandes – 5 Dark Objects
#12 Angelo Rrem – The Body Of The Assembly
#13 Cyril Menouillard – Selected Works 2010-2016 (by L&M)
#14 Carolin Gießner – Drop Piece
#15 Tom & Arthur – Ludoteca Club Tonic
#16 Maarten Nico Hoogendijk – Everything I Do Is For My Mom / I Guess That’s Just The
Reality You Have To Deal With
#17 Thijs van de Loo – Burning The White Cube

Details of the installation
Out of the necessity – the main hall of M^C^O needed to be completely empty during at
least 4 nights – a demountable structure was created that consisted 8 window frames with
8 rolling curtains which functioned as walls. Because the space had hinges on 4 sides, it could transform easily from a generic cube into a octagon shape or whatever shape found necessary.
The rolling curtains made the process of continuous opening and closing visible in the structure
itself and it became part of the daily opening ceremony. The space was baptized as the Canopy Gallery.
Every day a new opening ceremony was done by curators / show hosts Kitty Maria and Alban Karsten, where they read out a text made by interviews with the participants, mixed with their project proposals and Hippocratian observations of these persona conducted by the hosts. The two hosts wore blue jumpsuits, created for the show, that had a different combination of 12 archetypes to represent that day’s exhibitor.