Domestic Design Objects

One of the main sponsors of our Wandering School project in Milan was the kind and generous gentleman Corrado Beldi, the boss of Leca. He gave a lot of his very special bricks to support the project. Kitty Maria and I decided we should use these bricks as a foundation for our household design objects.

The first thing we heavily needed was a filter coffee machine, which was hard to find
in Milan since they are very fond of their Espresso machines. The coffee machine is in office
situations a place to gather around during breaks, to catch up with the latest news
and gossips and have coffee on the side. This is why the machine needed to be elevated; to
give him the place and position he deserves. The coffee pedestal (working title) had a very
prominent role in the Daily Solo Show routine and was next to the two show hosts the one
thing that never changed.

Probably the biggest Domestic Object was the Canopy Gallery of the Daily Solo Show, with his typical household rolling curtains proposed to function as walls.