Hey Rob, make sure you check for gum.

I carry a coin in my pocket1

Was it the article that described its relation to the New World Order?2
– or was it the idea of walking around and knowing that it was mine?
At this point, sadly enough,
I am on the verge of accepting the later.

I leave the only real lead for constructive research in order to pursue something that just feels nice. It is difficult to bear.

It just feels nice.
The clean slate3 feels nice.

Anyways. The coin has potential4.

Maybe the potential leaves a feeling of satisfaction.
A glowing aura of belonging.

The aura of the coin.
The aura of an object.
Is that even a thing?

“The aura is the manifestation of authenticity as a mode of separation”5 6 7.
That makes me think the idea of a clean slate is a lie.

In a sense, talking about the aura of an object is the act of ignoring the clean slate;
what define its rootedness would be defined in its manifestation in yourself, or in society.

In the case of the coin, I guess, both.
Now I see objects as characters whose personality is defined by a certain type of rootedness.
When I look at objects or materials, they are then not just materials, they are contextualized through my own experiences and interactions.8 In the end I am still confused 9


1 https://www.slimwalletjunkie.com/blogs/news/17122425-what-to-do-with-coins-in-a-minimalist-wallet

2 “This Vatican’s ‘chemtrail coin’ was minted in 1985 just as NASA began to indoctrinate school children into accepting chemtrails as normal clouds. A clip from Rosalind Peterson’s excellent 2010 discussion confirms the deliberate science fraud and mind-washing of school children is now in effect with forced vaccinations next on the NWO agenda. (…) Why would a depiction of a 4-engine jet aircraft with unusual engine emissions appear on the reverse side of a 100 Lire commemorative coin minted by the Vatican in 1985?” (https://chemtrailsplanet.net/)

3 A state in which you are starting an activity or process again, not considering what has happened in the past at all. (http://dictionary.cambridge.org)

4 It is troubling stating it like that because I just agreed with myself that I was starting with a clean sheet and the potential is totally infused with the fact that the coin has roots in heavy conspiracy theory. Which makes me think that there is no such thing as a clean slate? This makes it difficult to even have a constructive discussion revolving my future endeavors with this coin.

5 This is a quote I would really like to be able to reference properly. It is written in my notebook as a quote by Baudrillard but when I search on the internet, Walther Benjamin keeps popping up, maybe because of ‘aura’ and ‘authenticity’. What is curious about this is that I still haven’t found a place that directly connects it to something that has actually been said by a real person. But not to make this footnote excessively big, I will give the quote to Baudrillard.

6 Jean Baudrillard, quote in my notebook, 2017

7 Just to make sure, my knowledge of Jean Baudrillard is limited and I can only vaguely recall the things I just read about his work on the internet. I understand that putting such a quote out there puts me in the light as someone who ‘knows’, but really, I am myself struggling between what I want to know and what I can comprehend at this point in time. Also, in pages, why can’t I add a footnote in a footnote?

8 As an example, in the youtube video “EGYPT the scam is proven 100 per cent” by JUNGLE SURFER (update: apparently he decided to remove this video from his channel), he claims that the whole cultural history in Egypt is a scam and the proof of this, is a piece of styrofoam that appears next to a statue of Psamtek I who appeared in the slums of Cairo last year. – Which obviously is the packaging for this presumed artifact. This piece of styrofoam is simply not just a piece of styrofoam anymore.

9 http://www.veggieboards.com/forum/58-fun-n-games/126956-survey-have-you-ever-stuck-gum-under-table.htm