The Bubble In Epistemic Terms; Wet Until Damp Show 2017

Show 2017

>The bubble in epistemic terms; wet until damp<

The title of this exhibition was algorithmically generated, following the input of sentences extracted from our theses.

The below description was generated using the same input, but was processed by a human.

>> Output:
The bubble in which objects live is both a real hallucination and a true reality, all at the same time. Objects hallucinate into thinking that they can see things as more transparent and true, while seeing things as more opaque. Like dolphins which, when presented with a mirror, will stop and look at themselves, inspect the insides of their mouths, their bellies, and even have sex while watching themselves in the mirror.

I would like to propose that it might be possible to transgress the order of nature, to overcome the psychological barriers, the need for clarity, security and the need for meaning, and allow for and welcome the coexistence of externality.

While diving, I glance in the mirror for any possible refraction, and sense that the overall condition is a scam.<<

Nicola Baratto + Gamze Baray + Carole Cicciu
Constance Hinfray + Alban Karsten + Kitty Maria
Aurélien Lepetit + Kolbrún Löve + Cyril Menouillard
Ioannis Mouravas + Valentin Noiret + Rachel-Rose O’Leary
Eurico Sá Fernandes + Thijs van de Loo

You are cordially invited to join our program of continuous openings, lectures, performances, sleepovers and screenings from:

June 17-21, 12:00-19:00 show time
June 17, 19:00-23:00 opening celebration
June 21, 19:00-23:00 finissage lecture series

LOCATION: Cruquiusweg 120 Hall 3, 1019 AK Amsterdam