Business Is My Art


Business Is My Art

with Marroussia Rebecq


About Business is my art

Business is my art draws a parallel between artistic and entrepreneurial dynamics  questions the challenges of creation and our potential to draw the society of tomorrow integrating un economic vision in the proposal. This fall, Maroussia Rebecq will challenge aging artists from dirty art department to stage their vision of world in a  collaborative business plan. Each artist must deploy one of several proposals, articulated around values that he will rethink the uses, he has to draw and communicate his vision of his business,

The reflection is scenographed, i will fite irl anyone who says this ain’t a word, in space by color codes, keywords, technical diagrams that formalize thought in an open source and ultra graphic graphics. Brian storming is thought of as a performance, it will punctuated with advice and questions to feed each project.

At the end of the workshop during a meeting organized with a pool,  each artist have to present his vision of business as unusual. Between immaterial innovation and extraordinary projects, Business is my art challenge the capacity artists to seize economic mechanics and investors to trust in their innovative potential. Does anyone watch Dragon’s Den? No? Okay, sweet.