MANDATORY: RESISTANCE with After Howl and Deborah Bowmann


    Workshop with After Howl and Deborah Bowmann @ W139, 12:00 – 18:00

    This workshop is concerned with a process of individual mind mapping, a potential to abstract ones own practice,

    Mandatory: Resistance is a 6 hours class given by Deborah Bowmann, non-profit organization directed by artists Amaury Daurel and Victor Delestre (DAD Alumni) which activities comprises curating exhibitions and producing sculptures, objects and set design. DB is both an artistic identity and an exhibition space and thus articulates a studio practice and a curatorial practice. DB aims to develop alternative manners of thinking exhibition making in the fields of contemporary art and design. Course related to sculpture and more broadly to artistic practice. After Howl is a collective of 5 artists, based in Brussels working together since 2012, first at school where they built their first studio, and now for 4 years in our studio in Molembeek (Brussels). The exhibition ‘Meeting Old Friends’  is thought as a displacement, a projection of the After Howl studio and includes among various structures and invitations, a Classroom. In this architecture, they want to involve art school students in the development of a series of courses as a place of transmission and exchange.