Take a memory of Greece

David Haack Monberg (feat. DORY, Christopher Lawrence, Leo Ravy, Dani Andres, Walter Götsch, Rachele Monti, Tomasz Skibicki, Sun Chang, Jean-François Peschot & Gucci Nuggetz)

Organized by Léo Ravy

It is easy to get lost in a city of ghosts, subtle caricatures of the something that was. Authenticity is long gone or perhaps never existed in the first place. What we are left with are new concepts that define our history through hyperlink structures, big data and block chains. The naivety of the algorithm leaves no room for foolish interpretation. It only does what Herodotus, the Father of Lies, could not. It is difficult navigating the vast sea of fragmented information when both the truth and the lie has become familiar instances. In fact, how are we even supposed to navigate in this city? Were we in fact briefly narrating our own authentic experience?

What remains?

Tell tales slightly defined by their common physical connection to the space, Stoa42. Their upbringing firstly rendered by all the things we experienced on the side. We came, we saw and we left. But, what was the point in the first place?

We are a group consisting mainly of artists and designers from the The Dirty Art Department / Sandberg Institute, based in Amsterdam. We arrived in Athens as a self-organised collective two months ago. Over the course of five weeks we will present a series of works and events at Stoa42. This is the finissage.

Αυτό το κάτι άλλο 9/06/18

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2:10:00 h. audio

DIY environment scanner

Exit Panepistimiou
4:05:00 h. video

Recovered version of “Introducing… (2018), Publication, 64 pages” by Leo Ravy & Leslie Lawrence
Inkjet on paper
Edition of 2

Look at us here, praise be to god, we are destroying all statues and monuments
Verbatim 32GB USB-stick, embroidery, arch of Palmyra (open-source edition)

Take a memory of Greece
Fuji-film Crystal Paper, Limestone paint
Series of 5

Untitled feat. Hanuman
Tourist hieroglyph

40 loving memories
Limestone paint, window-front