Nagaré Willimsen: Dissecting the White Gaze

    8.10.2019 Workshop

    Nagaré Willemsen: Dissecting the White Gaze

    Nagaré Willemsen (1992, Democratic Republic Congo) is an artist and maker from the Netherlands. Her work revolves around the dissecting the white gaze and the black body therein. Through performance and facilitating workshops at various institutions, she is able to gain insight into how social-political and cultural theories are embodied. Since 2011, and through various mediums; be it video installations or performance, Willemsen has been able to discern and recreate transgressions against the black body by using herself as a muse. Her work not only documents post-colonial theories and neo-liberalism at a micro-level, but through collaborations with other artists and academic institutions, she is also able to consider alternate realities at a meta level.