Bunker Warming!

You are invited to our Bunker Warming party! We just found someone to join us in our bunker house and we want to celebrate! You can wear your pyjama. Enjoy your night!

The housing crisis in Amsterdam is more than just a story of spiralling rents. People are led into precarious situations, forced to choose between renouncing to have a place to sleep or accepting unstable living. Those who cannot register cannot work in the city, and so they struggle to match ever-increasing rent demands becomes even harder. They are trapped in a perverse circle. These people are students, families, migrants, the unemployed; all forced to tread lightly as the ground constantly shifts beneath their feet. You may be ‘aware’ of this situation but do you really understand what it is like to hide your craving for a comfortable bed at house viewing after house viewing?

Where does the idea of ‘housing’ go from here?

Well, we live in Vondelbunker. After holding several Bunker Viewings we have finally found a new housemate! Once the decision was made, we could not wait to host a Bunker Warming Party with all of you, to celebrate the chosen one getting a break from homelessness. So bring your own pyjama and join the protest!


– Fiber (LIVE)
– DJ House DJ except he doesn’t play house music and is literally a house and also all of the songs are about houses
– VJ by Anschlusskabel Kollektiv

Free entrance!

About Pyjama Protest
Pyjama Protest is a initiative from students experiencing difficulties with the housing system. By collecting information and listening to student stories, the Pyjama Protest started a movement within the Sandberg Instituut but it doesn’t want to stay there. Even though there is need for institutions to create better accommodation arrangements, PP’s goal is not only to manage a better understanding of the situation inside universities but also to address the problem to the city of Amsterdam itself.