DAD & Kanal Centre Pompidou Brussels

    MAGMA is a project initiated by the Master Sculpture, Erg (École de recherche graphique), Brussels, MFA Mystère de Cherbourg, Esam Caen/Cherbourg, France, and Misssouri Pictures, Brussels, in collaboration with DAD (Dirty Art Department), Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam.

This project is organised as a big meeting-point between various Masters programs, where the ecological, social, political and poetical questions of our time can converge in relation to the field of contemporary artistic creation.

    Hosted by Kanal – Centre Pompidou, Brussels from 15th to the 26th of May 2019, these two weeks of discussion, meetings, workshops and talks aim to investigate and question our roles as creators and thinkers in regard to environmental precariousness, social and cultural alternatives, institutional affiliation, and the cultural narratives and values of our time.

    “What is it we are part of ?” is the core question of this project.

Various artists, authors and participants in different “experimental” Master programs in Europe are invited to share their projects publicly, by way of performances, lectures, films, workshops, etc., in order to discuss and to explore their relations.
Several artists and authors will be invited to offer and share specific insights, with the aim of opening up new perspectives within this two-week “super school”.
    Throughout the fortnight together, the components of a collective future publication will be developed.

    Kanal — Centre Pompidou
    Quai des Péniches
    1000 Brussels — Belgium


”̤O̤h̤,̤ ̤i̤s̤ ̤i̤t̤ ̤r̤e̤a̤l̤l̤y̤ ̤h̤e̤r̤e̤?̤ ̤H̤e̤l̤l̤o̤?̤ ̤A̤n̤y̤o̤n̤e̤’̤s̤ ̤t̤h̤e̤r̤e̤ ̤?̤
    12:00 : opening
    16:00 : Nicolas Jorio, Live (Grand Hall)
    17:00 : Catherine Somzé (thesis director Dirty Art Department / Sandberg Instituut),Reading, Institutional critics/Spin off Greece (Auditoire)
    18:00 : ending

”̤S̤e̤x̤ ̤o̤n̤ ̤t̤h̤e̤ ̤b̤e̤a̤c̤h̤ ̤i̤s̤ ̤s̤o̤ ̤2̤0̤t̤h̤ ̤c̤e̤n̤t̤ṳr̤y̤…̤ ̤Y̤e̤a̤h̤,̤ ̤b̤ṳt̤ ̤s̤t̤i̤l̤l̤,̤ ̤t̤a̤s̤t̤e̤s̤ ̤s̤o̤ ̤g̤o̤o̤d̤”̤
    12:00 : opening
19:00 : Jerszy Seymour, Skype Talk, founder of the Dirty Art Département, Sandberg (Auditoire)
    20:30 : “The long take” by Gelitin, Film screening (Auditoire)
    22:00 : ending

    The full program of Magma festival runs until May 26th, click to event.