Workshop One Minutes

    In five days, the technique and possibilities of one-minute films are explained to students and the format is applied. Students do their own research and the limited time of one minute forces them to think sharply about their idea, whether it is a form research, a statement, experiment, short story or documentary. The last years, we have integrated these workshops more with our monthly series and the artists who put together our series are involved in the workshops. This way, the workshops get more depth and the films produced in workshops can be published.

    Invite to curate a series

    Every month, The One Minutes puts out a new series of one-minute films that investigate how we perceive and engage with moving image. Museums and cultural organisations around the world subscribe to the series. As a curator of The One Minutes Series, we ask you to think of a theme, make an open call video of one minute inviting people to send in and select One Minutes that were send in and/or select One Minutes produced in the workshop and/or select One Minutes from our collection. The One Minutes Series were curated by a.o. Melanie Bonajo, David Claerbout, Cécile B. Evans, Va-Bene E. Fiatsi (crazinisT artisT), Lorna Mills, Samson Kambalu, Khavn, Nathaniel Mellors, Erkka Nissinen, Egill Sæbjörnsson and Cally Spooner.

    About The One Minutes

    The One Minutes Foundation produces and distributes one minute videos from an artistic point of view, offering an international stage for people to create, engage and connect. Core values are artistry, authenticity, democracy and diversity. The One Minutes is active at the forefront of international contemporary art, as well as in education and welfare. Every month we publish a new series of films investigating how we perceive and engage with moving image. Worldwide, museums and cultural organisations subscribe to the series and show them. In addition, we give workshops to art students, bring together youngsters all over the world for video workshops to make their voices heard and promote social change with The One Minutes Jr. and we provide workshops to asylum seekers. Artists enter into alliances with students, amateurs and children.