All Together Now Online

    23.3.2020 – Workshop

    with DVTK

    Online workshop with DVTK to activate, create and curate a collaborative online presence using the basis of DVTKs online-together web platform.

    The virtual world shouldn’t be seen as the antithesis of reality. It is
    therefore important to take ownership of digital tools and use them
    purposefully. In 2012, the US psychologist Sherry Turkle drew an
    alarming picture of the Millennial. Their “relentless connection [has led to]
    a new solitude”. Overwhelmed by technology, the digital natives are
    unable to experience direct human connection within the real world.  “We
    turn to new technology to fill the void, but as technology ramps up, our
    emotional lives ramp down” – Sherry Turkle, Alone Together. This
    observation overlooks the creative, emotional and social outcomes,
    which are enabled by this very same technology. Every day on the
    Internet we build, play, chat, learn, meet and love.
    “Online Together” is a collaborative artwork, which aims to highlight this
    more positive view of the Internet. It invites users to participate and in
    doing so diverts their devices away from their usual uses. From any
    location, anyone who visits the URL on a mobile
    device can interact and contribute. By connection to the website, the
    visitor is reminded that they are not alone online, by seeing the
    interactions of those who they are currently online together with, and
    traces left by those who have visited previously. Most of the websites we
    visit don’t reflect (or almost not – eg. Facebook’s green circle • ‘Online
    now’ status) the synchronicity of our browsing, despite the fact we are
    rarely alone online. More often than not we are online, together.