I create interactive installations, taking architectural components out of their conventional contexts. Through this alteration I am re-imagining the use of these components from their practical purposes to a tool of reflection. The renewed novelty of viewing objects and spaces we encounter daily out of context invites us to reflect more on our perception of the world around us and what we see as “normal” and “strange”.

The interactive aspect of the work allows us to challenge the connection between a bodies movement and the inner states within us. In each artwork the themes of time, disorientation and choice making appear as the visitor navigates the installations. The interactiveness of the work also invites unexpected encounters as the visitor negotiates their movement through the space with others that are around them.

These ordinary structures through their contextual displacement create alternative realities with narratives which are within the viewers control. The question the artworks raise is what the possibilities could be within these new narratives. Through this process the components become  puzzle pieces that have established roles within society. If one can change the roles of such a structure, what else can be changed that we perceive as set in stone within society ?

Ana Lipps (b. 1997, Vilnius) is a Lithuanian-German artist currently based in Amsterdam. Their work mainly revolves around creating interactive  indoor and outdoor installations and sculptures that thematise time, disorientation and perception. Through the use of varying architectural components and their displacement the artwork allows the viewers to create alternative purpose and narratives to these seemingly everyday structures.