Nature _ The Most Relaxing Playground

Seulbin Roh’s artistic curiosity began when she faced a dilemma about her vulnerability. The question that it began with was, “Why am I fascinated by dynamic shapes and vivid colours?” The dilemma was closely related to her multicultural background. Moving to different countries as a child, she has always found herself a bit in-between. Missing the advantage of using her surroundings as a way to generate a sense of belonging for herself, she found a great tool to substantiate this quest for self-determination through making art.
She is fascinated by the abstraction of nature. It possesses all the qualities that she desires: patterns, colours, and odd shapes. By investigating nature and the nature of things, she focuses on strong and evocative shapes of flora and fauna she takes from self-made photographs, and which she turns both into installation and connecting murals.
She has developed a strong interest in human right and psychological health which is rampant in our society and everyday life. She addresses more psychological issues and racial discrimination related to depression, spiritual insecurity, and emotional vulnerability, using strong colour tones, complex patterns and sound piece that have a resemblance to nature. She often feels a desire to have an emotional connection with people, which dissolves the barriers between the work and the viewers. Most of the time, the general concept behind her work and the starting point are based on these processes.
While installation is her primary medium of choice, she is also particularly interested in the sound, textures of her work, using ceramics and mural paintings to bring everything together. Throughout the therapeutic approach of her works, expression takes the centre stage over figuration as she continues to build a dynamic, spatial world for herself and her audience to find a place in.