project from 2019-2020

1. I have no money. Is it autumn yet?
2. No, Gracias.
3. Idle ∀ Reality - Useless
3. Idle ∀ Reality - Chaos



1. I have no money. Is it autumn yet?

October, 2019

Works as an introduction, a conversation starter.
This piece is a space for judgement and confusion.
How would you describe yourself?

2. No, Gracias.

October, 2019

Being new in Europe was a bucket of ice water in the face. Free time began to stretch, being alone, having no money and no curiosity for the surroundings created an illusion of longer days with no sense. Not having a defined practice and a determined discipline, triggered a state of mind wandering. A place of questioning. I started to feel tired and unable to stop and contemplate and claim the use of my time. I have never had this amount of free time in my life. So I started to think about it and decided that this was to be my next topic of study. I decid- ed to develop my new work around everything that surrounds leisure/ free time/ recreation, again exploring this notion of how we are deciding on how we are claiming our time.

3. Idle ∀ Reality

February 2020

Is an installation that displays a set of videos that explore the contradictions of the desire being able to do nothing. This is a collection of anecdotes and actions. Although they were placed together and they worked as a unit, each video works better singularly and has its own narrative and presence. A textile banner accompanies the videos as an attempt to bias the viewer with an explicit message.



This huge bear exists as a monument, somewhere in Amsterdam.
More specifically in New west, a mainly residential neighborhood.
I lived in this area for one year.
This bear is there, it has a pretty bad history. I have always regretted diving into it.
But this action is not about this bear or the history behind it, it is about me passing every day next to this huge sculpture and one day stopping to clean it. As absurd as it is, I felt I needed to broom it, at least try to.