Punctum Existentialum, Punctum Relativum, Punctum

4 – 8.10.2021

Punctum Existentialum, Punctum Relativum, Punctum

with Daniel Dewar, Anna Reutinger, Florence Parot and Jerszy Seymour.

This workshop serves as a meet and greet between yourself, and your practice as it was, as you think about it now, and as an opening ideas for where you want it to go in the future. Originally entitled ‘Punctum Proximum, Punctum Remotum, Punctum’ (coined by Stephane Barbier-Bouvet) as a process of mind-mapping what is closest in focus and further in focus in your field of interests, however far out, and finally producing a new gesture, a punctum, to bring together everything together in a new work. The workshop high lights the continual process in the department of working between theory, practice, knowledge and instinct as well as asking you to define your practice beyond the traditional contexts of artist, designer, pizza-maker, bank robber or street cleaner. The revolution could be describes as the creation of new contexts.

The updated title ‘Punctum Existentialum, Punctum Relativum, Punctum’ reflects this, and above all the workshop is there to begin the process of discussion of where you really want to get to with the work and inseparably with the life, and to relate it clearly to what it means to do it in the world today. The Punctum then, is just a beginning!


Lascaux hand stencils, circa 17,000 BC

La Mappa Economica, Atlante Secondo Lenin, Enzo Mari 1974