Woodstone Kugelblitz present the Volunteer Firemen of the Apocalypse


    Woodstone Kugelblity present the Volunteer Firemen of the Apocalypse

    Woodstone Kugelblitz champion unprofessionality, attacking one’s own ignorance, self-sufficiency/autonomy, and the exhaustive science of doing nothing, which is really quite something.
    They do this through travels in self-built transportation (boat/2012-2013, horse and carriage/2016-2017), a musical group with home-made instruments (Fanfare voor Vooruitstrevende Volksmuziek/2014-ongoing) and most recently the social-prepping experiment of the Volunteer Fire-brigade of the Apocalypse (2019/ongoing) all accompanied by diy-publications through their own Woodstone Kugelblitz Editions.

    Woodstone Kugelblitz is an anonymous pseudonym, in the Neoist tradition of Monty Cantsin, used by different artists from time to time or all the time. This idea of unsigned work and of anonymity is also very important in their practice.