13 – 17.2.2023 Workshop

    Togetherland functions as a collective performance in which the works and individualities of eleven artists appear and disappear. In between a concert, a theatre piece and an exhibition, Togetherland acts as a single work and a pooling of these different voices. The narrative thread is open, led by the sequence and time frame of acts.
    In contrast to the white cube, in which works appear in a form of neutrality and immediacy, the idea here is to highlight a phenomena of disappearances and appearances, sometimes directing the gaze in an authoritarian manner. The show sets a situation where viewers can no longer decide how long they spend in front of the individual works, receiving information like in a performance. Togetherland is organic and alive, a play with its actors and their specific roles, whose works contribute to the unveiling of a narrative that is above all collective – with its dissonances and antagonisms. A narrative that is therefore essentially plural, in the image of the individualities that make it up. Beyond the received idea of individualism as a withdrawal into oneself, it is a question of considering that it is precisely in the development of individualities that the collective is possible, and that common good depends first of all on individual good. In the same way that in music harmonies are more complex than unison, it is a question here of affirming the different voices and their independence, even if it highlights dissonance.

    Text by: Deborah Bowmann

    Porter and Photograph: Aron lodi