Research Fellowship – Andrea López Bernal

    14.12.2022 Lecture

    Andrea López Bernal  – DAD Research Fellow 2022 – 2023

    Toilet paper notes from the vineyards.

    “Toilet paper notes from the vineyards” is a 3 days visit to DAD. The visit will start with a small lecture regarding a recent personal experience at the grape harvest in rural France and the stay in a haunted châteaux. I pretend to use this experience as an example and subject of analysis for future construction of a commune society for myself (the visitor) and the DAD. We will get Inspired by intentional and unintentional temporary societies, and the “Fun Palace” as a referent of physical construction of a scenario, a social structure that allows conversation, debates, leisure, discussion, chanting, spells, dances, a place to rest and to be challenged.

    Get ready, Baco will be invoked.