Research Fellowship – Octave Rimbert-Rivière

    10.11.2022 Research Fellowship Symposium

    Octave Rimbert-Rivière – Research Fellow 2022 – 2022 – Final Presentation

    ‘As a sculptor, I look for tension between craft and learning new technologies resulting in unknown outputs. I’m interested in the perversion of design and craft, and how to experiment with a type of directed malfunction of technology to create functional objects. I’m not alone in noticing that everything looks the same. The basic and necessary things in life are designed and built with very little attention to imagination and non-normative taste. From the design of a train, to a personal computer, to home interiors, they are all variations on sleekness in beige, white, and gray built for the masses. My way to reckon with this design problem is to use the same technologies used for streamlined production, glitching them to arrive at the unexpected and the unique. ‘


    Octave Rimbert-Rivière graduated from the Ensba Lyon in 2013 and from the Sandberg Instituut in 2020 where he followed the program of the Dirty Art Department. His work has been exhibited in international art spaces such as FRAC Champagne Ardenne in Reims, Centre Arte Dos de Mayo, in Madrid, CRAC Alsace in Altkirch, Rowing Gallery in London, Het Hem/ De Dood in Amsterdam and Parallel Circuit in Tehran.