28.11 – 2.12.2022 Workshop

    SITUATION 1: ALTER ALTAR with Carolin and Theo (Touche Touche)
    Together we will explore and evolve your practice from the notions of SITUATIONs,
    We will set a fire to evoke a social space,
    drape the veil to allow for your intimacy in public,
    and give visual echo to your voices.
    Space makers in all senses: when a space can be a song, a snack, a pot, a pool.

    From theaters to clubs, the museum to your garden,
    ‘We’ is an ever-evolving group of radically contemporary strangers.

    We will try to imagine an ‘in and out’ art form,
    In between actors and spectators, fictions and realities, in between objects and conversations, (in).
    Held in an encompassing practice, that hosts bodies and exchanges, in order to revise all these relations, (out).

    We wish for a form of radical togetherness, and fruitful solitude.
    We will look at what’s given and what is there to give.
    Building worlds as we go
    with the martial art of improvisation
    and the merits of communication.

    Let’s insert your fictions into the everyday, materialize your narratives into tangible realities, your intentions into matters.
    Consider a risk taking tactic or employ a special effect, get out of your way or be ally to an other.

    We could use situational practice for the embodiment of your ideas,
    for creating a metaphorical stage with multiple viewpoints
    to « exploit narrative potentials beyond what words could do.*»

    *Margaret Choi Kwan Lam, essay, ‘Scenography as New Ideology in Contemporary Curating and the Notion of Staging in Exhibitions’


    Alter altar is a gift giving workshop.
    Throughout the week we will make present(s).
    Bring a thing to share— a thought, a fruit, a secret, a task.
    Meanwhile wonder: What is your gift? :

    Together we make up a celebration of letting-go.
    A gift ritual, a display.
    What to offer? Where to? Whom for?
    We ll move closer to a deeper drive, figuring what makes us cause a move.

    Our setting is a working scenario based on exchange.
    It allows for multiple viewpoints to enrich your practice by integrating them into an active process that unfolds beyond the week

    Through sharing, we will explore the tremendous power of de-attachement
    and it’s potential for growing fruitful collaborative projects.
    Summoning hybrids, stretching a moment into place – we giveaway.

    Let’s compose a week of gestures and situations
    evoking new rituals for offerings,
    to redistribute your gifts and givings.