TANGO – A Random Orchestrated Dance of Life

    3 – 7.10.2022 Workshop


    A Random Orchestrated Dance of Life

    with Alcide Breaux, Alexandre Doumer, Aron Lodi, Hugo Béhérégaray, Lorenzo Garcia Andrade Llamas, Mikelis Murnieks, Naama Freedman, Rebecca Solari, Sammy-Rae Niekoop, Seulbin Roh, Florence Parot, Anna Reutinger, Kirtis Clarke, Caroline Gieszner and Jerszy Seymour.

    ‘It’s October 3rd, 2022, the fall starts to draw in with its rains, its grayness, and its descending temperatures. It’s tough to say bye to such a beautiful summer in Amsterdam. It’s tough for humans but also non-humans. The BC, the Fedlev…all the buildings of Rietveld and Sandberg are unhappy and they have decided to leave. They are leaving not only because of the grayness that the fall brings, they cannot handle it but even less can they handle their grayness. They are tired of being gray. And tired of being gray they leave, leaving behind only the glass pavilion, who with its transparent walls is always full of light and not ready to move anywhere. From one moment to another: the Dirty Art Department students are left without a studio and forced to resettle in the Glass Pavilion. What will they make of it? What desires will they have individually and collectively? How will these desires converge and what will their efforts result in? But most of all, what will their life there look like?
    Tango is a proposal for the first-week workshop of the Dirty Art Department. The workshop borrows its name from the short-animated film by Polish director Zbigniew Rybczyński. What interests us about the film is how the progressive accumulation of characters in a single room, recorded by a static camera, generates through their actions a whole: each universe loops, while adding to the beat of the larger whole. There are no main characters in Tango, nor one center of attention. There are no entertainers and entertained, everyone is entertained and an entertainer. There is not one singular line that allows us to understand the reasons behind its formal display. There is one scenario that allows us to contextualize the actions that result in a random orchestrated dance of life.’